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Celebrate a loved one’s Christening in Southend-on-sea

A Christening is something to be celebrated, and what better way to celebrate than to party with friends and family at the Camelia in Southend-on-sea! We are the perfect venue for you to commemorate a special day with great food, funky music and access to our bar. We offer menus ideal to serve large groups and a dance floor big enough for you to showcase your moves. However you wish to celebrate a Christening, you can do it here at the Camelia, whether you want to catch up with distant relatives over a nice hot cup of tea, run around with the kids, sip our high-quality fine wine with your aunt or enjoy a pint with your uncle, join us at our sea-side venue.

Make you’re loved ones christening a day to remember in Southend-on-sea

Every Christening is unique but every Christening should be celebrated and the Camelia hotel is the perfect Christening celebration venue in Southend-on-sea. Gather your dearest friends and family to enjoy a special event and memorialise the day.

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